Hi All—

Thanks for stopping in. About a year ago when I did my last journal entry, I made a promise to myself that I would be more proactive with the journaling here. I write a lot in my actual journal and make notes on my phone, but that promise to do it here wasn’t kept..My bad! The only thing I can say to that, is that life these days has been keeping me going nonstop. I’ve mad a promise to stop making promises that I know I may be hard to keep. Sorry about that. I’m learning!

As for now, I’m going into the third week of performances at the Met Opera House with ABT. It’s my second Spring Season as a Soloist which has been really exciting and demanding. The schedule’s challenging me to learn how to take better care of my body. It’s not something knew how to do when I first joined the company in 2010. As I’m getting older, a promise I want to keep is to take better care. Rehearsing and performing 12 hour days can be a lot of stress. Eating a nutritious balanced diet, getting a good nights sleep (/napping throughout the day when I have a break has become my new thing), and massage therapy are all my go to! Maybe I’ll start to share more what those rituals look like in more detail if there’s interest?

I’m so thankful for the way life continues to unfold before me. I’m discovering my interest in wellness, travel, and acting on stage and in film. I’m trying to see how that all plays out. If I can figure out how to record and edit better I’ll get some vids up too! If there’s anything you guys and ladies want to know or see more of, drop a line in the comments sections and I’ll definitely check it out!

Thanks so much, and until next time…

Peace and Much Love,